Hackers PS4 4.55 Jailbreak Modding Game Save Editor PSN Trophy Hack Already Updated?

Hackers PS4 4.55 Jailbreak Modding Game Save Editor PSN Trophy Hack Already Updated? online hackers have broken the code? I asked why do gamers hack and this was the response: Jailbreak + modding + trophy modding = can already be done PS4 US/EU Game Save Editor has now been released by the way. Lets you edit game saves meaning — infinite ammo, gil, money, etc.. on single player games Source: Sony has now screwed up moving to 4.50 to 4.55 FW. WebKit Exploit has got even better! News Daily with MonkeyFlop Machinima JOIN Today

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  3. I really dont care about jail breaking for trophies ut i codeusethe hack for games lack final fantsy x/x2 ordisgaea 5 or persona 5 for money.

  4. Some of us just want to mod games for example transfer hulk hogan from 2k15 to 2k17. We can do this on pc I don't see why they won't let us on consol

  5. WTF! Dude, this 4.55 update has triggered major latency issues. I changed my modems 3 times, changed my DNS 16 times, and still I'm getting crappy upload speeds.

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  7. 4.55 and 4.50 has now been hacked. Kernel Exploit is now being ported (which has been dumped already.)

    There isn't a "jailbreak" currently for 4.5X, but you can say it's hacked now, so this video makes a bit sense (in a way, but no fully.)

  8. Back in the day they called jailbreaking modding because it usually required a soldered mod chip. I thought they still called it modding when I tried on my PS3, but I certainly have not stayed up to date on it.

  9. I love the way people have such faith,
    Without a private key for file signing Sony will always win,
    As soon as an exploit comes out it gets old real quick,
    Have people not realised the WebKit exploits are pretty useless, keeps them busy and off the right track but no where near a jailbreak without the private Key

  10. you all are pretty stupid. jailbrake and save edit are 2 diffrent things . you do not need a jailbroken console to use a hacked save. prime example

    diablo 3 reaper of soals ,take ps3 save ,copy to usb , transfure to pc ,open in cky editor, edit save ,copy back to ps3 ,use import ,export feture in diablo game to transufure to ps4 copy of game boom you have a stat modded save no jail break needed .

    that is the diffrence modding and save edit

    are totaly done diffrent then jailbreak as a jail break requires you to over ride the firewall on console with 3rd party program

    save edit just requires a usb and program on pc no extra softwere on console needed

    fyi i have never jail broken or used save editor.but i do have sevral psn friends that have created programs to do this with

  11. So if you don't hack PlayStation you don't or download 4.55 but is out know and been out for ages why uninstall so what some has PS4 and thought be a good idea to hack the update when got banned you got banned as well enyone how has update PS4 will banned if they have mods as well this doesn't make sens full of shit if PlayStation was going to do that must been for good reason you hack the PS4 then moded out jail out your unbanned meant see I don't it just seems PS4 is number one Xbox 1 down toilet you just a hatter full crap don't bye this bullshit do nothing carry on with life

  12. Exploitions? Wtf? Not only are you promoting this bullshit (if someone fakes their trophies, they need to get a fucking life outside of their bedroom), but you're also promoting terrible English.

    Get bent.

  13. WTF? 100 or 200 platinums means it's a hacker? i have 193 Platinums and over 10,000 trophies and I've NEVER jailbroke any of my systems.

  14. The fact you all are calling this Jail breaking shows you all don't know jack shit about what you are saying.

  15. The article link is down, not the website. Here is the correct link: http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/ps4-mods-cheats/945895-sony-has-now-moved-4-55-they-have-screwed-up-once-again.html

    – Hydrogen

  16. Jailbreak to hack trophies is the stupidest thing ive ever heard and then risk getting banned too? and you call yourself a gamer pfft (just saying in general)

  17. have not watched this yet so don't no if it's in the video but I'm having big problems with partys and I'm unable to join anyone's party and people can't join my party what is going on

  18. yeah monkey i have over 6000 trophies and 54 platinums with #55 coming soon Dark Souls 3 i hate those lazy DOUCHE BAGS with a lityle computer skill but ZERO gaming skill psn id angrystslayer

  19. 4.55 isn't a jailbroken, first of all. It just made 4.50 jsc features to make the exploitation easier.

    4.50 -> 4.55 made Luca's WebKit Exploit beneficial to 4.06/4.07. Meaning = Better access and also a better chance of a jailbreak if someone releases the Kernel Exploit.

    I'm not the guy to talk to about that.

    – Hydro

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  21. this is awesome getting on google rn gotta do some searching praying for a kernel exploit soon

  22. Monkeyflop is it safe to get 4.55 anytime soon? Im still on 4.50 and everything is still normal. But what should i do im scared and i don't wanna get banned i need your advice for this.

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