Hack Like It's 1987 with the Telehack Game [Tutorial]

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What Hacking Looked Like from 1985–1990
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 158

In today’s episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’re going to explore what hacking looked like in the 1980s and ‘ through a hacking video game called Telehack. You’ll learn everything you need to know about navigating the ARPNET and gaining access to systems on the network.

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  1. Commands used in this video:
    1. If you want to create a new account use the command "newuser", if you already have an account you want to log into then you will use the command "login".

    2. "n", you are NOT under the age of 13.

    3. "n", you will NOT read the privacy policy.

    4. Create your username and password.

    5. "y", you do want to enable password resets via email.

    6. "mail", this command will display how many messages you have.

    7. "read 1", this command will display which message you select to read.

    8. "exit" out of mail.

    9. "ls", this command will list every file inside of your directory.

    10. "more telehack.txt", this command will display everything on this specific txt file.

    11. To scroll down one line at a time press the enter key.

    12. To go forward a page press the space bar.

    13. To go back a page press the B key.

    14. Control + C will exit you out of the txt file.

    15. "finger", this command will display other players usernames and locations.

    16. "finger username", if you ever wanted to see more information about a particular user then this is the command you would use.

    17. "netstat", this command will show us all of the available networks.

    18. "telnet hostname", this command will telnet you into whichever server you select.

    19. "guest", back in the 80s it was a common courtesy to have a guest profile on your computer so that anyone could login.

    20. "ls", this command will list every file inside of mimsys directory.

    21. "exit" out of mimsy.

    22. "run porthack.exe", this command will perform a buffer overflow attack.

    23. "y", you want to continue.

    24. Select "mimsy" for the host, once you hit enter it will search for open sockets.

    25. As a result, it will show you all of the ports that were found for the host.

    26. "telnet mimsy", this command will telnet you into mimsy which is the server for the university of Maryland.

    27. Login with your Telehack username and password.

    28. "ls", this command will list all the files within mimsy.

    29. "exit" out of mimsy again.

    30. "ftp mimsy", this command will ftp you into the system.

    31. Login with your Telehack username and password again.

    32. "ls", this command will let us look around and see what files are available to us.

    33. "get 19076.txt", this command will download this specific txt file.

    34. "put porthack.exe", this command will upload this specific executable.

    35. "exit" out of the ftp server.

    36. "quest", this command will give you a unique challenge.

  2. Hi i have a very serious bit of news regarding a huge new possibly “super hack” for lack of a better word that has popped up at a convention in China last year and has been reported now infecting people in the public and is similar too the older bios level backside hacks with gaining escalated privileges and blends to the target devices firmware to conceal itself but can change modify text menus ,be able to run unauthorized code , and access any data and inject anything as well as pass itself to other connected devices of which it has a scary amount or comparability in range from what I’ve witnessed it’s able to backdoor into lots of modern brands of PC regardless of bios ver. And windows and most all software including Mac , It has been seen and reported on cases of a PlayStation 4 And an iPhone X on fairly recent firmware and iOS versions respectively earlier this year , I’ve been researching and following this hack as it pops up in different reports and done some research and unfortunately the conference from which it was first scarcely shown is a China based convention and I can’t find much info really any regarding video or translated reports seems it’s not like our own conventions here and is very much a China exclusive regional media reporting thing anyway I would love to share any insight if anyone is willing to comment back or would like to point to a good place to bring this in a forum or something like that I’m trying to bring awareness to this because it appears this was actually developed by cyber security research teams for hacking devices much like our own here in the US and Abroad and so it’s nature and frightening potential are a serious concern and for some reason it’s not being address by and of the cyber security circles or any of the companies of the devices affected even tho they have been notified and made aware of this hack it’s been almost swept under the rug and it’s about to get very bad as it’s rate of spread at its current comparability is very alarming and needs to have more awareness from us in the public since the companies won’t

  3. Hey! I installed kali linux from one of your tutorial and while setting the password i messed it up. So i cant remember the password due to which its impossible to install it further. PLEASE HELP ME TO RESET THE PASSWORD.

  4. How to create hack for online game? Like for iPhone game or other games? And what do you need to create it? (For me I do not know a lot at all so please if you make video try to go with it thoroughly)

    Thank you

  5. I hope everyone knows if you follow this channel and take advice you're probably just as dumb as null xD

  6. sir…. What about BLUEBORN attack.???? … Please.. sir explain it and any tutorial…and how to be safe.. please sir…

  7. From all of the Opers at Telehack… Its Telehack, not Teleeehack lol…Also you may want to learn more about the game and our community before making tutorials about it. Maybe join relay. Your accounts are very un established :P. There much much much more to do.

  8. Could you to make a video showing how to generate a image (.iso) of android phone and to recover deleted files?

  9. I was quite the hack back in the day 1975-1990 (father was an Electronic Engineer) but I can't do shit now at 60yo….

  10. Hello, I was wondering what user name is used for the ssh connection I can not seem to connect to telehack via ssh.

  11. Great vid!
    How am I able to find out the E-Mail Adress of an User?(not the password)
    Do you already have a video about it ?

  12. I enjoy and learn from this channel a lot actually, but I feel in general you guys should try to be less monotone/robotic. Also, you can break eye contact with the camera lol, just act normal, loosen up a bit.

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