1. @Mr13ramon13 Guys, Flash games are very special and strange. Sometimes, for flash games, you have to enter the value multiplied by 8 and then add 6. Sometimes, enter as is. Sometimes, as the video shows, just multiply by 8. A lot of variation for Flash games.

  2. @GyomGut you can't use any of these cheat engines for any Facebook games. it may work to change the number on the physical side, but you either won't be able to spend the money, or the number will become invalid, and the game will crash.

  3. @ManyFaces1999 in that case, just use Cheat Engine. its the same exact concept, but much easier to use. also, it allows you to hack MUCH more games than ihaxgamez.

  4. No it doesn't actually work with any Flash Game. This is because not all games have variables that iHaxGamez is set to work with.

    To make a video on what I'm doing, I use ScreenFlow, the #1 Screen Recording Utility. (I can't post a link in a comment so just do a quick Google Search).

    For the spotlight, I use Mouseposé 3 (Again, Google it).

  5. 3 questions;
    does it work with ALL (flash) games?
    How do you make a video of what your doing?
    and how do u make a spot light around your mouse?

  6. no, at 1:05 where everything but the mouse goes black. what's the application called that allows you to do that?

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