Game Theory: How Loot Boxes HACK YOUR BRAIN!

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If you’re watching videos on this channel, then you’re aware of LOOT BOXES, those wonderful new micro-transactions that have begun to define the AAA gaming experience. Unsurprisingly, people have some strong opinions about Loot Boxes, so I’m actually not going to weigh in on one side or the other. Instead, let’s talk about how loot boxes actually work. Get ready for some psychology, Loyal Theorists, cuz in this episode, I’ll present the scientific facts that explain how loot boxes psychologically affect and train our brains!

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  1. Basically the amygdala communicates with the limbic system as it also communicates with the hippocampus in anticipation feeling right?

  2. Uh no there’s o e BUG thing you missed according to both videos the biggest difference between loot box and buying a pack of cards at the store is loot boxes can change the price based on the player (sometimes not as common as the rest of the stuff) they can change the odds in each individual box based on the person or the number of boxes bought they can change the items you get in the box or make you think you need them because your purposely matched to players who are better than you who have them. Can buying a pack of cards change based on how many you buy? Can the price of a pack of cards change based on how many you buy? Or who you are? Can whats in the pack changed based off who you are? Can the odds be different based on how many before you bought? The answer to everything about the card packs is no so therefore the government can still regulate loot boxes as they were in the time of that video but it wouldn’t exactly be a slippery slope from that.

  3. This reminds me of how when I was five I spent hundreds of dollars on injustice mobile and bought a ton of card packs

  4. Me looking at the comments: eh ok
    Me hearing that you to can piece together that Pikachu is a sociopath: Wait what?!-

  5. Conspiracy theory matpat is in a coma and Diet Coke snaps him back the reason he makes so many fnaf theories is because he remembers fnaf when he was not in a coma that’s why he milks fnaf and drinks Diet Coke so much he remembers it so he feels good

  6. hey guys did you know that skinner actually used his research to make a pigeon-guided missile system for the US military during World War 2.
    he had a pigeon with a gold contact electrode on its nose, in front of it was a screen showing the outside of the ship. if the pigeon pecked at an area on the screen where an enemy warship was being displayed, the data was relayed to a missile launching mechanism, and food would occasionally be dispensed. I'm serious, this isn't a joke. It was in my psychology textbook.

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