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Ever wondered why there are cheaters in online games like PUBG? That’s because it is easy! They just use the memory editing scripts to edit their game client’s run-time memory, and can thus take advantage in the game against their opponents.

Unlimited health? Unlimited ammo? No problem, easy.

DISCLAIMER : This video isn’t made to encourage anyone to cheat in online games. The intention of this video is only to let people know how cheaters can take advantage by using memory editing programs.

And if you want to watch specifically about how hackers cheat in PUBG mobile, you can watch this video that I made earlier :

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  1. To all those people saying that the values of online games are saved on server, yes it’s true. But the values should also be available with the game client so that it can render information (like rendering an enemy nearby, footstep sounds, moving vehicles, etc). Using memory scanners we can retrieve these values and do various stuff that can be used to take advantage in the game.

  2. The numbers are stored in binary, not in hexadecimal. we use hexadecimal for analyzing memory because they are easy to read and doing calculations.

  3. bro kindly link or name to downlod these sowftwear like chetar and that game to test our skills

  4. If you're having having difficulty in any game level all you have to do is visit _kalfman_hack on instagram and let him do he's work

  5. THANKS SIR sir i watch ur all videos and like and subscribe your channel ,

    i have a online mobile game name is LUDOKING this is a Board game its small size 50 mb only ..problem is i like to

    use old version 2.9 this apps always …but now new version update in this apps

    game… but still i know how to use old version of this game ..i success to use

    this old version of this game without any problem .. but problem is when i try

    to play with my family or friends online when i invite them or they invite me by

    private room code .then its Error message i got ..ROOMCODE NOT FOUND BECAUSE VERSION

    MISMATCH i cant join that player online and my family member please give me any solution

    can i play with in my old version to new version friend or online player

    because they now already update in new version and i use still old version 2.9..

    Because i dont want update..

    please i need your help sir

  6. 😊😊Wow thanks to hackermarkcarter on IG he helped me retrieve my account been having issues with it you're go at what  you do big ups

  7. 😊😊Wow thanks to hackermarkcarter on IG he helped me retrieve my account been having issues with it you're go at what  you do big ups

  8. It's just a shame that many of us buy games that we don't hack only to see that others are hacking it because they should have found something more useful to do like try to improve the games instead? I get slammed out of online servers by idiots that can't take a loss and I got pc hacked because of dirty people distracting while their friend hacks into pcs of other players. There's enough going on, and many are using good skills to do sod all but ruin people days and data security.

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