Dota 2 Cheaters – FREEZING CHEAT !!!

Dota 2 Cheaters – FREEZING CHEAT !!! 7.28c
Match ID: 5887112752
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  1. I see this cheat in game replay, furion in this game how i see have nickname "bob".
    Sorry i live in Ukraine and my english is not very good.

  2. I've played a game where the enemy ember literally make me lag when he uses slight of fist on me my whole screen is lagging everytime he use that skill so fcking weird i dont know if thats a cheat

  3. I think this happened to me once on ranked once, my team was dominating radiant and all of the sudden I will get disconnected within 30 secs . Thankfully i got to move quickly and clicked the fountain as fast as I can while the game was "lagging" .

  4. I had back to back 2 games and another game where this happened. What's worse is the cheaters blamed my party eventhough we didn't do it. Actual scum

  5. Бро, это не чит, на реддите описано прекрасно, что это баг, связаный с тем, что если человек заходит смотреть игру через дота плюс и у него стоят макросы на клик мышки, то, при быстром клике с зажатым альтом (пинг по карте), все каким-то образом замораживаются.

  6. pls look at this match i think mk use ddos too this my match i play sf and i lag in the fight 2 two time pls look for me ty

    match id 5890580788

  7. What's the point of playing this game if you cheat? Or win like this every game….yet you lose every other game that you don't cheat….man, these guys are just bad at this game overall by doing this shady thing!

  8. this happened to me twice yesterday, if you want another replay to show
    Match IDs:

  9. Russians have to be stopped…. I had enaugh , almost every time I play with russians (IN WEST EU SERVER).. I was archon 2 , now CRUSADER III

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