Diagonal Mario BONUS EPISODE! – Super Mario World Rom Hack

Diagonal Mario BONUS EPISODE! – Super Mario World Rom Hack
🎮 Super Diagonal Mario 2 – The Ultimate Meme Machine
by: Lester_Vine
Download here:

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  1. After all the awesome comments, feedback, views, and likes we decided to make this BONUS episode of Diagonal Mario. We hope you enjoy the video and that you enjoyed this series. THANKS FOR WATCHING! #youguysrock

  2. You know, I played this myself and you actually can't skip going down that really long back and forth tunnel, there's an invisible barrier to stop you.

  3. 4:30 After not playing this game in years, I JUST noticed that blue fish looks like the Pogchamp emote that WAS on twitch. Looks like this fish was the first to do it apparently. 😂

  4. “Let’s go in this pipe because we had good luck with pipes” on second level they play
    Last level pipe. long running and long dropping.

  5. você sabia que esse jogo foi feito por um brasileiro ?

    translation of the commentary in English:Did you know that this game was made by a Brazilian?

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