DayZ Movie – Green Mountain

Four survivors are attacked by more than just the zombies as they make their way to Green Mountain, the most paranormal place in Day Z.

This is my first actual full-length movie that I have ever created and nothing was staged during the filming and it was done entirely without a script via pure improvisation.

This DayZ Mod Series takes you through the evolution of Arma 2 Dayz from the first few days of Vanilla DayZ mod to the rise and fall of empires in DayZ Epoch Mod.

DayZ is a totally microwaved survival world currently being developed by Bohemia Interactive. There is a mod version called “DayZ Mod” ( officially: Arma II: DayZ Mod ) based off ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead, and there is a new standalone game called “DayZ Standalone” currently in Alpha.

In DayZ, you are in the x-box huge puppy-filled occupied map of Chernarus, where an outbreak has turned most of the innocent farmers and manly women into spooky puppy dogs.

As a lively russian space marine trained in dood disposal, repair, and blacksmithing, the player must gather additional pylons, while being spooked by a whole load of hungry puppies.

The majority of your time is spent avoiding or cooperating (see: betraying them and booping them in the back of the head) other players in an effort to collect the most watches.

You can become a bandit and boop all of the dudes or try and heal all the dudes which is kind of weird.

The DayZ Gameplay experience is that of survival and community. Players make friends and grow as tribes or exist as scavengers in Chernarus where meager survival grows into vast empires.

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Creative Commons Commercial Use Allowed Music

It’s coming your way by jerettwoyciehouski


Don’t Wake The Baby by Katie Harrell

The Oblong Box by Cerulean Lotus

Trip to H by Chikorkez

Crawl by MrMaybeSomething

The Hur by Fruitacidpeel

Desolation of the Odontomachus by Michael_M

Poranui by Reuben Derrick

Journey Through Larundel Mental Asylum by Lutman

AltoLow by bsteele

Night Sky Above the Arctic by bsteele

Deep Zen Screaming by costelloca

Bending Time by Jocko Flocko

Repressive Databases by Saty

MetaMetal by Bsteele

Sinister by mrmaybesomething

Bad Wires by Raaphorst

Remember by Carmsie Melodie

Zombination by Da_Butch

Mighty Southern Night by Nubiferous


  1. I wish he made another vid like this cuz I love to be in suspense when they try to figure out the gun shots and stuff

  2. Всем привет подписывайтесь на мой канал я разыгрываю 20 ключей от ,BF4 майнрафт и Dayz!!!!

  3.  All sounds were coming from the Tower. I watched another Dayz video and it was spewing out gps coordinates. for all the deer stands on the map.

  4. If standalone is ever like this, I'll never play again especially since I usually play alone, then ill shit my pants.

  5. I'm releasing ApocZ for xbox360 XBLIG channel soon! 16 player, online FPS shooter! search-collect-survive!

  6. really like your videos, my channel is full of dayz videos if anyone wants to check out my channel too. Episode 3: DayZ: Stand alone survival Adventure.

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