Coding a Console Hack Menu! C# – Game Hacking #2

This is pt. 2 of a long soon to come series! Hope you learned a lot! What should I go over next?
Watch ep. 1:
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VS 2017:
Assault Cub:
MPGH Addy’s + Offsets:
Final Code:
Advanced Code:
Discord: Cyborg Elf#7462


  1. Hello. I have watched the video and I am trying to make my own cheat out of your structure, but it doesn"t seem to work. I have no idea why it is not working. Is there any way of sending you my code, or is there anyone with expierience who can take a look at my code?

  2. sick, very nice but pls spkea up or just somehow increase the volume, i almost cant hear anything with headphones or using alexa at volume 10

  3. hey Mr.Cyborg,
    I am having some troubles while running the c# code I don't know why but I found the static address for the health and I can change it with a cheat engine but can't with the code i even tried to copy past ur code but still nothing is changing??
    please help me?

  4. The video is very good and you have explained everything very well, excepting one thing: what we should do with the .dll file VAMemorty? I succeeded to open it and it contains uncountable rows of code. If I have to enter it in the project,  I will very soon become exhausted and dissapointed. Do I really need to enter it?

  5. I need a tut on how to make 3rd person ones im even willing to pay for a nice smooth aimbot for samp gtasa.

  6. hi bro, can u show us how you did that reload thing (i mean when i write 1 to select that option i can't write anything else just if i reopen the program.)

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