Chrome Dinosaur Game CHEATS – God Mode, Speed, Custom Characters & More!

Are you tired of constantly losing in Chrome Dinosaur or T-Rex Runner game? Today, we’ll take a look at all available “cheats” or “hacks” for this mini-game.

Cheat list:

– Tweak Gravity Cheat:
Runner.instance_.tRex.config.GRAVITY = 0.1

– Modify your running speed –

– Set score.. Replace “12345” with whatever score you’d like! –
Runner.instance_.distanceRan = 12345 / Runner.instance_.distanceMeter.config.COEFFICIENT

– Modify dinosaur’s velocity, make him jump as high as you want! – Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity(10)

– Invincibility – Make your dinosaur immune to any damage! –
Runner.instance_.gameOver = function(){};

– Cheat allowing you to freeze the game, while still earning points –
Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true;

– Image for Custom Character (Sonic, in that case) –

– I’m not really sure how to describe following 2 scripts, so just try them for yourself! –

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