C++ How to Hack Any Game – Internal Hack Tutorial

In this C++ How to Hack Any Game tutorial you will learn the fundamentals in C++ internal hacking.

In this internal hack tutorial you’ll understand why a internal dll is so powerful in game hacking. These same techniques are used by experienced and elite game hackers. Using Visual Studio to develop your internal hack and advanced C++ internal hacking techniques you will have learn the same elite internal dll hacking skills as some of the most elite computer game hackers in the world.

Internal trainers inject a DLL into the game process. With this internal cheat you have direct access to the processes memory. This results in a faster gaming experience. An internal dll can be made very stealthy and give you the same capabilities as elite computer game hackers. These skills will help you to learn how to hack any game you want.

This Internal Hack Tutorial will teach you how to use advanced hacking Windows API functions like GetAsyncKeyState(), GetModuleHandle(), and show you how you can create your own DLL. Internal hacks are the cornerstone of elite game hacking and this internal tutorial will show you how to attain these new skills.

In this Internal Hack Tutorial you will learn:

. How to create a DLL
. How to create a Thread with advanced hacking source code
. How to get base address internals
. How to use advanced Windows API functions.

This Internal tutorial is a the next step in you becoming an elite computer game hacker. The techniques learn in this internal cheat tutorial will teach you how to hack any game. Once you learn how to hack any game it’ll increase the quality of your gaming experience and allow you create more advanced internal hacks. Guided Hacking hopes you enjoy this C++ internal hack tutorial and the internal dll you develop will be used for better gaming against your competition.

Internal trainers are created by injecting a DLL into the game process, when you do this you have direct access to the process’s memory which means fast performance and simplicity. Normally a DLL is used to export functions and to be used like a lib, accessing the functions from the lib when necessary. But in our case, we’re just going to use them to get our code to run in a target process. Injected DLL’s can be made more sneaky by using different methods such as Manual Mapping. How to hack any game internal

When you are internal you create pointers to objects, typecast them and point them to objects in memory. Then you can access variables of that object easily through the pointer. ReClass is a great tool for generating classes from memory and we will cover that in the next video. C++ How to Hack Any Game – Internal Hack Tutorial.

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