Bloodborne 60fps Patch Showcase – Framerate Unlock Hack – Real Gameplay on PlayStation 4 Pro


Digital Foundry Analysis:

So I made a patch for Bloodborne that modifies the game engine in such a way that the game can run at speeds up to 60fps, and with a PlayStation 4 Pro with Boost Mode enabled, the game actually reaches that speed quite reliably! I hope you enjoy just a bit of a showcase video showing off how amazing I personally think the results are. Hopefully the future of Bloodborne is bright in the hands of PlayStation Studios and with the PlayStation 5 hardware, but if not, at least we have this in the meantime.


  1. that awkward moment when some random Australian is better at optimising a game than an entire dev team

  2. [insert clip of spongebob saying he doesnt need it then saying he needs it in a very humorous tone]

  3. why does some random guy can make this on PS4 pro, and From Software cant make it on PS5 that is like 10 times more powerful?

  4. Probably they're working on BB2, this is why Elden Ring disappear too from players radar and they never updated the first one to 60 fps.
    There's no need to modify old code when you have new one, the first from software game running at 60fps on console.

  5. Lance, are there any traces of the double-barreled shotgun in the game's files? I remember it from project beast and it looked really nice, wish I could see it again in higher quality

  6. Hopefully there will be a Bloodborne remastered for the Ps5 with updated textures etc at 60fps (or more). Perhaps they can add the valuable cut features like boss rush and warping etc. Heck they can even add that unused rune back in or even add new things. Also bosses like the Great one Beast is a must as he is really cool looking!

  7. I had never seen the proper appeal of 60 fps, games like mhrise always felt fine, even though it was at 30, here, seeing bloodborne at 30 felt… Wrong. Really wrong. (Specifically at the gate)

  8. Hi Lance, Sony should hire you – Brilliant job. BB is my favourite game and Sony not using your patch is criminal.

  9. Изумительно. Самое минимальное,чем можно отблагодарить за проделанную работу,это лайк и подписка. 👍

  10. It’s so funny people are actually offended by this 😂 “why care about a 5 year old game?” This isn’t just a old game. It’s the best game ever made period.

  11. Hello, thank you for your effort! Can you please upload a 900p version of the patch (or anything higher than 720p but lower than 1080p ofc) ? Many people would like that version instead of either. Worst of both worlds sometimes is the best of both worlds

  12. При 60 кадрах сразу минус физика одежды. Напоминает порт HZD на ПК, когда на старте была сломана анимация волос у Элой. Мне бы так играть не понравилось.

  13. how would i be able to play this @ 60fps?? would i still need a ps4/5 ??? been wanting to play this since release 😭😭😭

  14. This is bittersweet, because Sony will never listen to their customer base, because they are not only stubborn, but the corporate executives seem almost embarrassed that customers treat their products as anything more and beyond just “content” to be consumed then discarded immediately. Time and time again, companies care more about short term gains like a kid on a sugar high, then actually having some investment in your IP for better long term gains.

    In corporate speak for any Sony goons reading: Good customer engagement such as a 60fps patch is an intangible flexible asset that improves future profit potential through customer retention and even enlargement of target market share.

    Sorry, had to vent. Thank you for the vision of what this game can be.

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