Among Us LOVE & HATE ARROW Sabotage! (Cupid Impostor Mod)

Sub found out a way to create a Cupid role in Among Us! This custom Among Us Modded role lets the player make other players either fall in love or hate each other!
Among Us NEW POOP Sabotage! (Toilet Mod):
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  1. Cat impostor role- The impostor uses a “transform” button to turn into a cat, which has new abilities: Scratch, which makes a crew are you’re next to die in 15 seconds unless he has a band-aid (spawns on the map randomly): Act cute, the same as the baby’s ability: Hiss, which makes all crew mates in the same room run away from the cat: And hide, which is used on a task- you hide in that task and whoever uses that task while you’re hiding in it gets the effects of both hiss and scratch. (Please do mine, I really want to see it in a vid)

  2. What about a T rex role the t rex can bite jump or raur so crew mates turn into poop when they get eaten by the t rex that mod will be so funny and hilarious I don't mind nobody replies me but I'm just saying about a new mod

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  5. Day 8 or 9 (I already lost count that's sad) of asking for sub to make a mod that has imposters collect voodoo dolls of the crewmates and have different control abilities

  6. Make a teacher mod please were the crew mates have to go to the teacher and the teacher is a troll pls do it

  7. Sub make a monke mod and the monke has two more buttons one call all the monkes to kill one person the second one is a esplosive banana

  8. How about a poisonous gas mod where the impostors have a button that brings up the map and click on any location and poisonous gas pops up and everyone dies in that area. And there is another button called quick gas which makes a poisonous gas area around you and the people near you dies.


  9. How about a mod that lets the imposter spawn a random king hat and hover finds it gets to chose who dies also to let then know when they have to fine it is when the screen turns pink

  10. Make a mod that gives you a new button to go to a start of a race on the map and if you are the last person to get to the finish line you die🤔

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